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Multi SIM Recharge Portal

Multi SIM Recharge Portal

AP1000005 | Oct. 20, 2019, 4:11 p.m.

The multi recharge software companies not only provide comprehensive but also modified services to its customers. The services are not restricted to code boundaries but they extend up to development assistance as well.



Anyone living in India for a few years knows that prepaid plans are much more popular than their post-paid counterparts. In fact, according to a Nielsen Survey conducted in 2011, almost 95% of the Indian youth use only prepaid connections. But what is the reason behind this scenario? Are prepaid plans really superior to post-paid ones? Let's compare both mobile plans and find out.


1. Prepaid connections are ideal for people whose usage is low. Moreover if you only talk for a few seconds every single time, you can easily recharge with a 1p/second plan, which will reduce your mobile bills significantly.

A rough estimate puts such a person's mobile bill between Rs. 80 and Rs.150 per month. In this case, prepaid is clearly the winner.

2. Another big advantage of prepaid plans is their flexibility. Some people might send a lot of SMSs, while others might be using massive amounts of data. Service providers usually offer several service packs for such cases, such as a 1 GB data pack which may be valid for a moth, or a 1000 SMS plan etc.

3. Post-paid plans are better if you are a medium to heavy user. This is especially true for people who talk on their phones for more than 30 minutes every day. Mobile bills will drastically reduce if they switch from a prepaid to a post-paid connection. is a unique website; where the features of different websites have been merged in a single website. Never before has there been a website like which offers such a massive variety of features.

It is an online recharge website, where one can recharge both prepaid and post-paid phones. Not only that, but all major telecom operators in India such as Aircel, Airtel, Vodafone, Tata DoCoMo etc. are available for recharging.

They also offer discounts and coupons after every recharge made from their website. However, what separates this website from the others in the same niche is their plan comparison tool.

This is actually the most used feature of their website. You simply need to enter your state and telecom operator, and a bunch of other necessary information such as amount of internet data used per month, number of messages sent, and number of minutes spent talking on the phone etc. Using this data,  then suggests you the best prepaid mobile plans .

Customer satisfaction will always be their topmost priority.



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